Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

We trashed the cars of 2 HLS collaborators in one night. All the tyres were slashed and brake fluid was poured all over them and a few pots of paint for good measure! The security lights didn't stop us. Put the spotlight on us if you want because we are proud of what we are doing. It takes minutes and then we disappear back into the darkness free to attack another night. This is all new to us and we have been inspired by Sarah and know we have to pick up where she left off.

These are the two bastards who got a fraction of what they deserve last Monday night.

Perkinelmer director (happy to supply equipment so HLS scum can torture beagles)

Geraint Phillips, 86 Bishops Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff, CF1 1LY 02920 403 628.

Yamanouchi salesman (is it a problem getting about without your car?)

Philip G. Asante, 33 Charnwood Drive, Pontprennau, Cardiff, CF23 8NN

Now we have started we are ready and hungry for more. We can't recommend these actions highly enough!"