Reported by activists in the Netherlands:

"Animal rights activists have spraypainted last night slogans and sabotaged a cashmachine of the ABN AMRO and a van of TNO.

In the night of monday 11th on tuesday 12th of april animal rights activists in Leiden have spraypainted slogans against the BPRC (Biomedical Primate Research Center) in Rijswijk.

With spraypainting slogans like and BPRC monkeyhell, we want to put the attention on the barbarity inside BPRC, which occurs under the flag of scientifity.

Besides that a van of TNO at Leiden, which has direct connections with the BPRC and doing anima ltests themselves, has been painted red. The bank of the BPRC, ABN AMRO, at Voorschoten has been sabotaged with glue and paint.

the actions against the BPRC will continue till the BPRC is closed. The actions against companies with links to the BPRC will also continue.

Animal testing is cruel and useless. There are at least 450 alternatives which are humane and animal friendly.

Close down all animaltesting labs!

BPRC must close. BPRC will close."