reported by Anti Vivisection Coalition (click here for additional photos from the rescue):

"On the night of tuesday 9th of april, 5 CAV-activists entered the breeding facility of Jan Rutten, Beerschemaasweg 45 in Escharen (phonenumber: 0031/486472127). This guy breeds beagle dogs for vivisection labs. He told the press that he wasn't bothered by the suffering of these animals. The 5 activists entered the building and took 6 dogs with them and placed them with loving people. Thanks to the brave activists these dogs will live a happy life without pain and fear! Liberation not experimentation!

The 5 activists have nothing to be ashamed of, and to put vivisection in the media went to the police to give themselves up. They are in custody right now, but will probably released after hearings, awaiting their trial.

Prison doesn't scare us, that's nothing in comparison what al those animals butchered and abused every single day! No, we will never close our eyes! No, we will never shut up! For us it's about the animals! The only thing to fear is fear itself!"