Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

Today the Animal Liberation Front were in operation in Hampshire

Our target was an experimental farm, specialising in obscure and bizzare ways of maximising profit for farmers and decreasing welfare for animals.

Access was gained to a suspiciously over-protected field. We created a make-shift ladder to scale the 6 foot electric fence, and made our way to an area where we had spotted row upon row of rabbit runs.

Every run was checked but most were empty. When we opened the last two runs, we found what we were looking for. Cowering inside their filthy nest-boxes, were two young rabbits. They had both been wild-caught in traps, and had metal tags attached to their ears. Their fear of humans
was overwhelming, and so we made a quick, yet gentle job of placing them in bags, and taking them to the safe side of the security fencing. They were then checked for signs of injury, before being returned to the wild. They didn't waste a second - one last confused look at their liberators, and then they vanished into the distance.

This farm is now clearly on our radar - we have not yet revealed its identity as we wish them to be unprepared for future actions. Next time we will take with us the tools of our trade, and justice shall be served.