Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"A night at home spent watching TV, or a night spent visiting an HLS collaborator? We made the obvious choice and called round to say hello to UPS employee Vicky McSloy (16 Rowbron Drive, Sheffield). We knocked on her door but she didn't seem to be in, so we slashed all the tyres on her car, covered it with red and green paint and sprayed slogans such as 'UPS+HLS = Scum', 'Puppy Killer' and 'ALF' on it, as well as on her front door, front window and door step.

Words cannot describe how much we loath UPS and their connections with animal abuse, that is why action has to be taken.

For those awaiting liberation,

10 top tips for carrying out easy yet essential home visits, lets take the fight directly to the abusers...

Locate the address of a suitable target either from a tip off, from personal investigation and reconnaissance (this may take time but persevere), or from anonymous sources such as the Animal Abusers Index or past ALF communiques. It is always good to go after vivisectors themselves or the main directors of businesses linked to vivisection, but any employees of such collaborators are defiantly legitimate targets as attacks against their property puts pressure on the company as a whole.

A range of easy methods can be used to attack the target, vehicles can be damaged with paint stripper and paint, tyres can easily be slashed with a bradawl or sharp screwdriver, windscreen wipers can be snapped off, wheels removed and expanding foam put in the exhaust pipe. As for the house itself this can be painted, have a hose pipe put through the letter box or have windows smashed.

Carefully wipe finger prints off all tools you're taking with you in case you have to drop something at the scene. Wear gloves that prevent transfer of fingerprints but which still allow you to work efficiently, gardening gloves that! have their palm-side coated in a layer of rubberised plastic or washing up gloves work well. Don't take receipts from your purchases with you on the action, being found in the area with a receipt for paint stripper in your pocket may look a bit suspicious!

Choose a good night and time for your attack, wind, rain and darkness provide excellent cover. Busier times when more people are out and about, such as at the weekend and after pub closing time should probably be avoided, however as home attacks are generally very quick and simple, they can theoretically be carried out at any time.

You may get paint or paint stripper on your clothes so take spares with you, as well as plastic bags to put used paint cans in. Driving around covered in red paint may compromise your situation! Don't wear full camo gear and a balaclava for home visits, normal clothes that blend in are a better idea, a scarf, baseball cap and hoodie are perfect. Wearing oversized shoes may make running harder but do mean that if you have to walk through mud any footprints left behind at the scene are misleading. Wear clothes you don't mind disposing of if necessary.

Don't use a car whose number plate is known to the cops, after the action is reported to them they may check CCTV footage from cameras in the vicinity (for example on railway crossings or motorway bridges) looking for known vehicles, also don't park your car right outside the target in case they have security cameras on the house or an observant neighbour. Even driving past the property should be avoided just in case. It may well be smart to leave your getaway car round the corner in another street. Leave your driver in the car, or the doors unlocked with the car parked in the right direction to allow for a quick escape. The results of your attack may well not be seen until the following morning and so parking your car a short walk away should not present a problem. If you are worried, number plates can be slightly altered with black tape, for example changing an L or F to an E, or a C to an O.

Although each situation is different, make sure you have a general idea of what you are going to do before you get to the target, be prepared for example for there being no vehicle parked outside. Also be prepared for security lights coming on as you approach (don't let them put you off though), more high profile targets may also have security cameras, again don't worry just make sure your face is covered, don't wear anything too distinctive and if possible don't talk, definately don't call a fellow activist by their real name. Avoid eye contact with passing motorists or people that might be sitting in their houses watching TV with their curtains open.

You will probably be a bit scared when arriving at the target (ensure you get the right house!), but when your adrenaline kicks in you will quickly and easily get the job done, act as swiftly as possible. Keep noise to a minimum (kicking a car to dent it may trigger the alarm), do the quietest thing first; don't smash a window before spraypainting.

Just as a warning pay attention to your sixth sense, if you start feeling uneasy (other than the normal nerves) it may be a good time to leave. Also make sure you have plans for what to do if someone disturbs you (although the chances of this happening are very very remote, after all how often do you look out your window late at night??), sprinting straight back to your car if being followed may not be a good idea as you risk having your number plate seen. Stay alert, use common sense, don't become over confident and let your planning and security get lax and you'll be fine.

When the action is successfully completed leave as quickly as possible, running may look suspicious but don't hang around to admire your handiwork. Get back to your vehicle, making sure no one is following and leave the area quickly but carefully, you don't want to risk getting pulled over for a traffic offence. Stay calm and when you are safely away get rid of any empty spray cans etc. Sit back, relax and then plan your next action.

Good luck, the animals are counting on you."