Received anonymously by activists in Spain:

Some animal businesses of abuse were sabotaged in Pamplona last Thursday, 7 April Some actions took place to bring awareness about the abuse that animals are suffering in this area. In these actions, locks where glued putting first inside the lock small pieces of metal. The targets were 5 butchershops, 2 fish shops and 3 fur shops.

In one of the fur shops a sentence supporting Animal Liberation and against the bussiness that murders millons of animals every year and moves a lot of money earned off of the suffering of animals, was spray painted. The sentence sayed: "to take a decision is as important as taking action". This slogan has two meanings and to encourage people in this area to be involved in actions against this bussiness. If we don´t do it, animals can`t do it themselves.

Until the destruction of every cage, lab, bussiness and industry of animal sufering.

Against every kind of abuse: Animal Liberation-Human Liberation