anonymous report:

"The Grand National is the most grueling and barbaric of all horse races in Britain which takes place every year. It consists of 40 horses being whipped and forced to jump to unnatural heights. Over the last 50 years, 36 horses have lost their lives during the race itself. Many more have been killed after they are no longer profitable or because they do not meet the grade for racing.
On the night before the Grand National (5/4/2013), locks at all of the betting shops in a town in the South of England were glued. We believe that profiting from the misery and exploitation of any animal is unacceptable and should be challanged by any decent human being.
We call upon every caring person in the world to take similar actions, without these profits the abusive bloodsport known as 'racing' would not exist.


In solidarity with AR Prisoner George House.

- ALF."