received anonymously:

"Late on the night of April the 2nd, nine of the freshly refurbished
market stalls were targeted on the famous Norwich market in
England. The nine market units belonging to at least three different
Butcher 'Businesses' had all their locks glued & messages reading
'Meat Is Murder' & 'Until the Suffering Ends' were spraypainted on
the walls & shutters of two stalls & both were signed by the ALF

Unfortunately these were the only gifts we could leave these
butchers. They should consider themselves lucky. This is only the

The attacked market stalls were numbers 72, 73, 82, 83, 113, 122,
123, 102 & 103.

If anyone wanted to pay the abusive bastards at Norwich Market a
visit with glue & paint a helpful map & business guide can be found
at this address, Since Norwich
market has a total of 19 animal abusing stalls including butchers,
fishmongers, leather, wool & fishing tackle salesmen I'm sure
anyone interested would have a wide range to choose from."