Butovo forest

anonymous report, from anarcho-news.info (rough translation):

"During the night of March 25-26, Moscow eco-anarchists visited the Butovo forest where a business class cottage village is being built. During the night activists were busy in defense of the forest.

Eco-anarchists spiked old, perennial pines and birch trees. In total, 7 trees were protected, what is not a bad result. Also, activists cut and dismantled a fence dividing the forest into bourgeois "possessions" and made it difficult for motor vehicle access, including construction equipment, by blocking roads with logs and iron pipes. In general, the mission was completed and most of the pre-planned goals accomplished. The whole event was quite easy: no police patrols, and even the guards did not suspect anything.

'Despite the opposition of local residents, the contractor is continuing construction, cutting down precious forests which were created dozens or even hundreds of years ago. Eco-anarchists advocate for the forest and the integrity and inviolability of the ecological system, because the forest is not only a source of oxygen, it is a whole world for a variety of animals, birds and insects. Breaking the main link in the chain, namely, a home for all of these beings, will mean death for all of them. So every sane person has a duty to protect our shared Earth, which provides to all of us shelter and food. If not us, who?'

ELF Moscow"