Communique received by activists in Spain:

"The night of 18th March, 8 mail boxes offices of UPS in Barcelona where sabotaged by different coordinated action groups. All the offices had their locks glued and spray-painted. At one of the offices there was a van, which also had its locks glued, the symbol of UPS crossed, the mirrors spray painted and a message saying 'UPS Tortures animals.' This same office had its windows broken with stones.

We want to show our most sincere solidarity to the tortured animals inside HLS and with Sarah Gisborne and Peter Young. Sarah was sentenced not long ago to 6 years in prison because of very similar actions to the ones we are claiming responsibility here. Obviously this sentence is not going to stop us. Peter has been 7 years on the run after liberating minks in EEUU and has also been captured not long ago.

UPS this is just the beginning. You are not safe anywhere."