(left to right; Andy Stepanian, Lauren Gazzola, Kevin Jonas, Josh
Harper, Jake Conroy and Darius Fulmer).

The "SHAC 7" are 6 activists and a corporation, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty USA Inc., who were found guilty in 2006 of multiple felonies for their alleged role in campaigning to close down the notorious animal testing lab, Huntingdon Life Sciences. As of August 2011, all of the activists have completed their prison sentences. They were not accused of smashing windows, liberating animals or even attending demonstrations; they served lengthy sentences for simply reporting on and encouraging others to engage in legal demonstrations and supporting the ideology of direct action.

Visit SHAC7.com to read about the trial of the SHAC 7 and history of the case.

Kevin Kjonaas
: 6 years

Kevin was released from prison in August 2011.


Lauren Gazzola
Sentence: 4 years, 4 months

Lauren was released from prison in March 2010.


Jacob Conroy
Sentence: 4 years

Jake was released from prison in November 2009.


Joshua Harper
Sentence: 3 years

Josh was released from prison in June 2009.


Andrew Stepanian
Sentence: 3 years

Andy was released from prison in December 2008.


Darius Fullmer
Sentence: 1 year, 1 day

Dari was released from prison in September 2007.