Received anonymously by activists in Spain:

"Barcelona is full of stupid people who get money torturing animals. Yesterday we did a visit to one of these people, Mr Martín Martí. He is the chairman of a pharmaceutical buisness who gives money to murderers who test products on defenseless animals.

The buisness in which Martí works for is the multinational Sankyo Pharma which contracts Huntingdon Life Sciences for experiments. HLS is the biggest of its kind in Europe and is also in the USA.

We threw red paint on his door for hours and we put some posters with his picture and an explination of who he is and his buisness.

The knifes and bars are not the only weapons of the vivisectors. Their most dangerous weapon is the ignorance and indifference of people. We have to destroy the belief of the neccesity of animal experiments, showing the alternatives, and showing that these murders are only used for multinationals to earn money.

Each day lots of animals are killed just in spain. When is this going to end?"