Received anonymously by activists in Spain:

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"During the night of Saturday 11 to Sunday 12 September 2004 we made a liberation. A female beagle dog was rescued after around six years encaged in a lab of the University of Leon (Spain). We had to leave there the other 15 dogs injailed in the same room. These dogs are going to spend the rest of their lives waiting for the next experiment and the next torture. These dogs will never see the sun, they will never run on the grass and they will never play with an other dog under the rain. We couldn't do anything for them. Maybe you can!

The dog's name now is Ginna, like our comrade imprisoned now in USA. The vivisectors named our beautifull friend just 96. Thats how they see the animals, like machines for humans. Ginna now is going well. We have carried her to a vet and he has told us that she is a little bit thin, and with dirty teeth. She is afraid about humans, but now Ginna is understanding that not all humans are the same.

When we arrived to the laboratory we saw that some windows were broken. Obviously another ALF cell was there before us, but they didn`t made a comunique.There are also good people ready to do what is neccessary to rescue them from the hands of animal abusers.

We would like to say to all of the animal rights prisoners that they are not alone. We don't like to send them letters because we do illegal direct action and it is a little bit risky. All the other people that support animal liberation should write them to show them that they are not alone. We want to say from here to Sergio, Dave, Ginna that we don't forget them, every day we think on you.

To the animals imprisoned we dont want to say anything. We just want to rescue them.

For the animals, with love.