Received anonymously by activists in Italy:

Firenze - August 18:
Newspapers reveal that two Upim department stores had entrances glued, spraypainted messages against fur and litres of black tar damaging the entrance. Customers had to enter from the back for part of the following morning . ( Upim is owned by La Rinascente, a group under pressure for its sale of fur).

In the same night a fur store has been spraypainted and damaged.

Reggio Emilia - August 21:
Nespapers say that a hoax bomb was found near the house af a relative of Giovanna Soprani, owner of the infamous Morini farm, breeders for vivisection. After blocking the road and colling the bomb squad it was found that it was just a brick in a box along with wires and some messages written in...

Empoli (Firenze)- September 13
The local hunting federation office and hunters shop had their locks glued just a few days before the beginning of the new season. They say it is the fourth year in a row that their premises receive this sort of attention before the hunting season. Locks had to be changed and the shop stayed closed some hours in a period where it would have lots of customers.