Received anonymously by activists in the UK:
NOTE: Northgate has since severed ties with HLS.

"The Animal Liberation Front is claiming responsibility for the two recent actions taken against Huntingdon Life Sciences.

In the early hours of the 10th of September a newly formed cell of volunteers visited the homes of two Northgate directors, John Starritt in Woking, Surrey and Christopher Stone from Crawley Downs in Sussex, and planted crude white-spirit devices under their cars.

As a result of this action we have learned that Northgate have terminated their contract with HLS.

We did not want to take this action, as we are not violent individuals but ordinary people caught up within a system of institutionalised violence that is perpetuated against all life on this planet. Our actions don't even dirty the surface when compared with the violence they're trying to stop - the violence carried out by the power-crazed money grabbing fascists in the laboratories, factory farms, circuses, zoos, fur farms,etc. We knew we had to take action as there is nobody but ourselves willing to help animals trapped inside laboratories and we understand that the hundreds and twenty odd years of lobbying, petitioning, and letter writing by the legal front of antivivisection has got us nowhere but a rise in the death tool. We have no faith in the government whatsoever - they have let us down so bitterly over fox hunting.

That night we refused to turn our backs and walk away from the suffering of the animals, and as a consequence of our actions a very positive result.

Smash HLS, Smash Newchurch, Smash Oxford.

Until all are free,
the Animal Liberation Front"