Received anonymously by activists in New Zealand:
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On the Morning of September 2nd 2004 the a cell of the Animal Liberation Front gained entry into Golden Gate Poultry farm in Wellington, New Zealand, to witness conditions and liberate chickens.

Two liberated chickens were anonymously handed over to Campaign Against Factory Farming for use in the media.

The conditions in the farm that were witnessed by cell members were horrendous. Rats crawling through huge piles of manure, regular cages with eight hens, and huge feather loss.

Factory farming is an attitude that regards animals and the natural world merely as commodities to be exploited for profit.
In animal agriculture, this attitude has led to institutionalize animal cruelty, massive environmental destruction and resource depletion, and animal and human health risks.
A.L.F. activists are not interested in self-aggrandizement or martyrdom -- they are interested in being effective. Unlike many other direct action activists, the A.L.F. does not engage in symbolic actions designed to increase public awareness, but calculated attacks of sabotage meant to cripple, disrupt and eventually eradicate industries of exploitation. The A.L.F. does not disagree with the symbolic direct action activists, but they do recognize that different tactics are needed for different movements and in order for the A.L.F. to carry on their campaigns of compassion, they must remain free.

Furthermore, A.L.F. activists know they risk their freedom, and possibly their lives, on every mission they take - yet they accept those risks and are prepared to make those sacrifices if it will help save innocent animals from the hands of their tormentors.

To liberate animals from places of abuse, ie laboratories, factory farms, fur farms, etc, and place them in good homes where they may live out their natural lives, free from suffering.

To inflict economic damage to those who profit from the misery and exploitation of animals.

To reveal the horror and atrocities committed against animals behind locked doors, by performing non-violent direct actions and liberations.

To take all necessary precautions against harming any animal, human and non-human.

Any group of people who are vegetarians or vegans and who carry out actions according to A.L.F. guidelines have the right to regard themselves as part of the A.L.F.

The Animal Liberation Front consists of small autonomous groups of people all over the world who carry out direct action according to the A.L.F. guidelines.

Our cell puts out a call to action; the efforts of the government and industry shall not frustrate our efforts for total liberation. When Government fails we shall be their to rescue animals lives and make abusers lives hell.

The hens that were liberated are now living free and happy lives."