received anonymously:

"Midwest, USA -

Hundreds of rodent 'bait traps' have been smashed and destroyed.

These traps contain poison. The traps are manufactured by companies like Orkin, and are usually black or grey in color, and line the perimeters of buildings in every town - outside fast food restaurants, malls, grocery stores, movie theaters, and so on. Some are even hidden in the bushes and designed to look like large stones. All types of businesses have these disgusting traps. They are smashed, and the poison is double bagged and thrown away indoors, to insure that no living being comes into contact with it.

This is an almost riskless, yet effective action. Rodent traps are not cheap - each one costs the business around sixty dollars.
Some businesses have even stopped replacing the traps, rather than deal with the economic costs of having to replace them regularly.
In addition, this saves the lives of the rodents that have to deal with the constant assault of life within industrial civilization. We now routinely see rodents running through the bushes and parking lots."