reported to Örebro's ALF/DBF Press Office:

"MAX, the killers making fast 'food' was targeted when we tore down more of their advertisements. They don't get away with murder!!

"MCdonalds commercials get disarmed all the time in 'ÖrebronX', taking the profit & killing motive away from the self, human, earth & animal abusers!
And for your pleasant knowledge, MCDonalds is going down seriously, facing a real financial catastrophy, for the first time in history. The economy of MCD is on decline and it is rapidly getting harder for them. SO NOW IT'S THE TIME TO CRUSH MCDONALDS CRIMES AGAINST LIFE AND HUMANITY.
/go out save lives"

"Svampens Gatukök was hit with a nasty tricky ink bomb, right on the front door. A car was parked some 10s of meters away, and started the engine at the same second the bomb hit the door window. The rub suspicious bad ass must have hidden in the car all along- but for no reason: The fit vegans got away... AS ALWAYS :) :) in defence of mother earth and of all life here!
Keep up!

"In stadsparken, örebro, the upperclass cows milk icecream shop got an oppression free menu... We sprayed it all down. We wrote liberation slogans also.
The icecreams are entirely made by Unilever, that does animal testing, at the same time as they rape mother earth an many of its creatures."