recent actions reported by activists in Sweden:

"9 August - Örebro: Town's last cheese store 'Ostbutiken' gets smashed using rocks.

10 August - Örebro: Nylöw Skinn AB gets all their windows smashed down. The shop is already near bankruptcy! For the Animals, DBF

August - Örebro: 3 birds is saved from their lives as 'objects' in Stadsparken. They are now free!

About August 18 - Örebro: Victory 4 the animals: After DBF's last visit at Tutti Frutti Video (XXX video) porn shop, they have now stopped distributing 'animal porn' movies. The lamp got totally destroyed with an axe. So got their ugly sign! See you... DBF

17/18 August - Örebro: The fence & windows at 'Svampens gatukök' was destroyed because they support animal torture and killing!

18 August - Örebro: All windows crushed at last fish shop!!! DBF!

18 August - Örebro: All windows at 'Giuseppes skinnverkstad' is blown by animal friends.

17-20 August - Örebro: Circus Maximum, Sweden's most notorious circus, got signs and stuff taken down!

18 August - Pennybridge (Örebro): 'Saxen Skinn & Päls' is attacked by the Animal Liberation Front!"