Received anonymously by activists in Sweden:

"13/10, Malmo, Sweden.
Furshop Nordiska Pals once again got painted. Yes indeed, we're getting pretty tired of going to the same shop over and over again. But honestly we all like a little walk downtown now and then and we will stick to our target until they close!

13/10 Malmo, Sweden.
Owner of furshop Palskonfektion got a pretty clear message spraypainted in his neighborhood. We were actually heading out to visit his shop, but the whole place looked like crap (or more like an exploaded paintshop) so we thought of a better place to spread our word. We will always find ways to make you pay!

The day following the action against the owner of Palskonfektion he started crying in the newspaper. He said he had been the target of over 35 ar-actions and now he's
moving his bed so he can sleep in the shop while guarding it. We think it's more like he's been kicked out of his apartment due to all actions against his home. Poor man!

Animal killers, look what you will all become: jobless, homeless and useless!

-Djurens Befrielsefront."