received anonymously by Örebro's ALF/DBF Press Office (photo: Mikael Åberg/

"On the night of Oct. 7 'Charkhandlarn' in Örebro city was attacked.

[article from Nerikes Allehanda newspaper:]

Tar was put through the window and Mirza Kikics, the owner, comments:
'It's been an uphill battle all the time. I've had a dream of running my own business, but it gets smaller all the time and I have even more doubts. It takes a week of work to get back the money that this costs me. The activists may have won against me. I do not know what to do and there is not much for the police to do either.'

Be KIND to Animals.... Don't EAT them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Vegan TODAY. FOR LIFE.

And this is a shoutout to 'Svensk handel' (Swedish trade organisation) and Per Geijer who don't like the fact that we are breaking societys laws for REAL JUSTICE:
For the Animals We Will Fight! We know were You sleep at night!!!