reported by activists in Turkey:

"Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is working. We can't sleep and we won't let them rest on their comfortable beds.

On 16th October 2009, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality killed nearly 70 puppies at their concentration camp which goes by the name of Hasdal Shelter. Their reason for the massacre was a suspicion of rabies. Ever since that day, we couldn't forget this massacre. We couldn't be unresponsive to what they did and we won't. Those responsible for this massacre shouldn't sleep well on their beds.

Accordingly, the night of 7th September 2010, we attacked to Hasdal Massacre House. We carried out various sabotages and writing activities in the shelter terrain.

That massacre was not the first or last. Unblinkingly, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality still continues to kill and torture street animals by their butchers and murderers.

With their guns and hooks... overdosing anesthetics... lack of ventilation in truck haulages... massacres which they called sterilization/neutering... deaths on operation tables... after the operation, starvation and let go wihout water for days, on floors thick of shit and urine... infected wounds... banishments to the uninhabited places, hills, forests, etc...

All of these are just a piece of the systematic genocide which the stray animals are exposed routinely; the same with other animals who are abused in industrial farms, in laboratories, in circuses.

This action was first reaction of the precautionary signal for the slaughtered animals by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Abusers and Murderers! If you continue to torture or behave cruelly towards animals, we will try harder acts.

Anarchists for Animal Liberation"