reported by Animal Freedom Aotearoa:

"This World Farm Animal Day (October 2nd 2010) we rescued five young goats from a zero graze dairy goat farm. Inspiration for this rescue came earlier in the year when we were investigating two Waikato farms with sheds full of pregnant goats around the time that the goat Code of Welfare was released for public consultation.

No amount of regulation is going to save these goats from being made pregnant every year only to have THEIR babies stolen and sent to slaughter. Regulation is not going to stop them being milked most days for five years before being sent to slaughter themselves. Regulation is only ever going to perpetuate their existence as milk machines for human profit.

These lucky young girls will never know the pain of their mothers; instead they have a long life ahead of them full of love, excitement, browsing trees, climbing and plenty of other cheeky goat activities.

For love and liberation
Animal Freedom Aotearoa
For pics from our rescue click here.

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