Received anonymously by activists in the USA:
read local media reports.

"Communique regarding action against Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and Van Andel Arena (130 W. Fulton Street, Grand Rapids, Michigan):

"In Grand Rapids Michigan on October 2nd a group of concerned individuals acted upon their responsibility to expose the oppression of once wild beings who are now caged, burned, starved, put on display and continuously beaten into obedience by the slaveholders that are circus trainers.

The tired old tactic of humanitarian pacifism has lost it's bite, that is why we chose property destruction, does that hurt? You can't argue compassion to those whose heart is a wallet, and their depth of conscience is their bank account. Bite deep and they might feel entrapped.

We backed up toilets in Van Andel, painted slogans to wake up the ignorant supporters of suffering, glued locks, smashed windows, etched truck windows and painted circus traincars. All agents of animal torture are appropriate targets and Van Andel is no exception. Maybe they will think twice before hosting a violent slave holding circus."