Update: Karim Bohn no longer works at Fortress

anonymous communique:

"29 november 2010

Let me tell you a little story about a silly little man, who lives a quiet happy life in Essen Germany. He has a good job and works hard. This silly little man's name is Karim Bohn. Karim works for Fortress, as a matter of fact he is the Vice President at Fortress. His life was good, but then one morning after breakfast when he was ready to go to work he noticed that he was locked-up in his own garden. The gate was locked and there was red paint all over. Then when he finally got out of the garden he saw his name on a wall with PUPPY KILLER underneath it, when he got further in the street again he saw his name on a wall
this time with PUPPY KILLING SCUM and a ALF Logo next to it. He wasn't so
happy anymore. The moral of this story: Withdraw the loan fortress gave
Huntingdon Life Sciences or expect resistance from the ALF (based on a true story happening the same night)