As reported by local activists in Italy:

"We visited the mink farm "Pan Crystal" in Funer (PD) two years after the liberation of september 2002 and we found empty cages, demolished sheds... Nature has taken back the space once robbed from her! We left written messages "ALF always wins" and "Do not try it again".

Who's next?"

November 22 - Cortemaggiore (PC)
Fur shop has windows etched and locks glued.

November 24 - Rome:
"Spraypainted slogans on the houses of vivisectors Tindaro Giuseppe Renda and Stefano Ginanni Corradini: now their neighbours know the job of these vile killers. Spraypainted slogans also on a butchery van, front window completely
covered in paint. Locks of a butcher glued.

Dedicated to all the animals in cages."