actions in protest of the killing of animals during Kurban Bayrami (Eid al-Adha, Festival of Sacrifice) in Turkey; reported on Aforum; click here for additional photos ("Kurban = Cinayettir" = "Sacrifice = Murder"):

"Sacrifice is Murder!

The invitation which called out by Animal Liberation Initiative, one month before 'massacre days', produced a pervasive effect. The activists who took the road with this slogan: 'We throwed a stone to the sea, it created five circular ripples, now, it's time to create a storm', staged tens of protests against the massacre and cruelty in many districts of Istanbul and Izmir.

They said these with their writings: in fact, the sacrificial ritual is not an Eid -the feast-, it's a massacre and cruelty. They damaged and destroyed hundreds of pancartes, banners and bill posters about the Feast of the Sacrifice. Those destroyed stuffs had placarded by offical corporations, religious and militarist NGO's. The activists stuck thousands of stickers to the streets. While the action was influencing, a few dissident media published action news.

Thanks to everyone who be a voice of silent and get into the act.


Chronologic list of actions (from end to begin):

İstanbul (20/11/2010) - They continued to act in Buyukada and Uskudar. They stuck a lot of stickers all the way in various places of Buyukada (Big Island is an island in the Sea of Marmara, near Istanbul). They wrote a writing: 'Sacrifice is a massacre' at an active point in Buyukada. They also stuck a few stickers in Buyukada ship.

In Uskudar, throughout roadside of metrobus, the pancartes and banners which celebrated the feast and promote the sacrifice, were destroyed by activists. In bus stops; on streets, poles and walls, they made a few writings and stuck a lot of stickers.

İstanbul (19/11/2010) - Sacrifice banners were cutted in Besiktas.

İstanbul (16/11/2010) - While animal resistance news were coming from everywhere, a news gladdened us: in Ankara, a bull resisted for hours and escaped forest of METU (Middle East Technical University) -We hope that he is still free and secure- Tens of bulls, cows, sheeps, goats and other 'sacrificial' animals resisted seriously. Some of them were shot with pump rifles; some of them were crushed with cars and trucks; some of them were killed by poisoned shots. But after all, they resisted and they became a hope for us. They gave a good lesson to everybody thereby resisting against the massacre. All animals who resist for to remain alive, are our honour. Long live animal resistances!

- The activists stuck the stickers in a park near 'sacrificial' animal selling space.

- It was wrote 'Sacrifice is not a feast; it's a massacre' to entry of Macka Park.

- They stuck the stickers in metrobus bus stops.

- The activists cutted banners of NGO's and politic parties which promote the sacrificial ritual.

- In Kadikoy, the pancartes were destroyed.

İstanbul (14/11/2010) - A day before Muslim Festival of Sacrifices, on two points of Istanbul and Balcova town of Izmir (a city in Aegean region), the activists went into the act against animal massacre.

- A lot of banners were destroyed in Kadikoy Rihtim, Altunizade, Sogutlucesme, Kosuyolu. Writings and stickers...

- Writings and stickers in various places of Umraniye. We destroyed a lot of banners.

İzmir (14/11/2010) - In Balcova town of Izmir, the activists wrote 'Sacrifice = Massacre' on the walls. One of those writings was on the wall of a mosque.

İstanbul (13/11/2010) - The activists wrote 'Sacrifice = Massacre' on 12 different points in Beyoglu.

- On evening hours, 'Sacrifice is a massacre' stickers were stuck in Bayrampasa.

- On evening hours, the banners were destroyed on Sirinevler footbridge and in Siyavuspasa. We also stuck the stickers against sacrifice.

İzmir (12/11/2010) - In action days against massacre festival, an action from Izmir... Various stickers were stuck in different places.

İstanbul (10/11/2010) - While the massacre days were coming up, a few actions against sacrifice, were carried out yesterday and today, on four different region of Istanbul.

- In Gazi neighbourhood, the activists wrote writings to the walls and on the buses. 'Sacrifice is murder', 'Sacrifice is a brutally ritual'.

- A gigantic banner was destroyed in front of Turkish Radio - Television Corporation in Taksim.

- Two gigantic banner was destroyed in Topkapi and Cevizlibag.

- A few banners were destroyed in Esenyurt.

İstanbul (06/11/2010) - First answer came from Istanbul for the call out of Animal Liberation Initiative. Between Beylikduzu and Avcilar, all banners were destroyed. A lot of bill posters which IHH - The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedom and Humanitarian Relief has got, destroyed.

We have been inviting to all animal rights defenders to destroy all visual materials whom the organizations who promote the sacrifice, like IHH, Turkish Air Corporation, Turkish Red Crescent Society, Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) Mehmetcik Foundation, The Turkish Meat and Fish Corporation.

Animal Liberation Initiative, Istanbul