received anonymously by Finnish ALF SG:

Please forward to newspapers as well as sympathic local and global animal rights groups.

During the night to the 18th of November we went to Ålands last fox farm. Since we could not release them to the wild more than 2000 foxes were dyed with henna, a paint which is natural and harmless to the animals. However the paint sticks to the fur of the animals, and halves the value of the pelts. The farm is high rated in the fur farms own organization, and the skins produced is considered to have a top quality.

At the farm we found foxes with damaged eyes and legs, and some with bite wounds. They all had very long claws and could hardly move across the wire floors. The sheds were filthy and the metalwire cages no place for animals. They were all born to roam free!

To make even more damage we stole all breeding cards, which messes up the breeding system. This, along with other sabotage at the farm will hopefully make the farm less profitable. It was really sad to watch the animals as they looked at us as if they where asking us for help; their faces so similar to those of our beloved companion animals.

We could not ease your pain now, but we swear to do all we can so that one day you'll all be free.

This is also a warning to all fur farmers. We are on the move all over the globe, and finally people are waking up to fight this injust system. The fur industry IS animal torture, and as long as you keep torturing the animals we will be back!

Åland is no longer a safe place for those who kill animals for profit!

You cannot tame what is wild..
Keep fighting!
The wild fox brigade."