reported anonymously:

"12 october: Lugano, wrote on a wall with spray paint;
Cadenazzo, painted the front of a butcher.

4 november: Lugano, painted a butcher;
painted and damaged PVC and posters of Circus Knie;
wrote a sentence against the circus on a wall and
sent mail with a false sender name of Circus Knie, telling all the media that the tour would stop immediately and the circus would not come to Ticino.

5 november: Lugano, painted a fur shop;
Bellinzona, painted a butcher.

In memory of Barry Horne.

Until the End.


"12 ottobre: Lugano, scritta sul muro.
Cadenazzo, verniciata insegna di una macelleria.

4 novembre: Lugano, verniciata macelleria,
verniciati i cartelloni del circo Knie,
scritta sul muro contro il circo e mail a nome del circo Knie come comunicato falso di annullamento delle tappe in Ticino ai media.

5 novembre: Lugano, verniciata pellicceria
e Bellinzona, verniciata macelleria.

In Ricordo di Barry Horne.

Fino alla fine.