Received anonymously by activists in the Netherlands:

"Netherlands: 23 chickens liberated
In November the DBF liberated 23 chickens out of a batteryfarm. They are taken to good people and are getting the threatment they deserve. The food is put between the dry grass so the chickens have to look carefully for their food. Now they don't have to pick on eachother out of boredom. The ladies are able to walk around and are in the open air.

In the battery farm where they came from tenthousands of chickens are trapped in small cages. They are picking on each other and are standing the whole day on a metal floor. When the chickens are not producing any eggs anymore they are delivered to the slaughterhouse. The meat and bones are used for chicken bouillon. Before they lived in the batteryfarm they were bred. Half of the chickens are male and will be gassed. Every egg you eat - batteryfarm or not - 2 animals are dying. The male and the female herself at
the slaughterhouse.

The DBF saved 23 chickens and gave them a good life. You can also save lives by not consuming their bodies (meat or fish) or animal products (egg, milk).

The DBF will continue saving lives till the last cage is empty!