Received anonymously by activists in the USA:

"14 November 2004

Last night, three KFCs in Topeka, KS, were vandalized by the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). All locks were glued, and two restaurants had Fix-A-Flat sprayed, liberally, into the order box speakers.

Topeka was targeted because it is the capital of Kansas. No KFC will be spared in any area of the country. The Animal Liberation Front takes all responsibility for these actions. KFC contracts slaughterhouses that torture animals to death; then the corporation has the gall to lie about these abuses to the public. KFC has also refused to adopt even minimal standards of animal welfare in the handling and killing of their chickens.

Since KFC is solely driven by their profits, we will strike them economically. These actions will not end until KFC stops the systematic torture of chickens.


The Animal Liberation Front"