Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"On Wednesday the 10th of November news broke that Oxford University had been granted an injunction against the lawful SPEAK campaign. We, (the ALF nothing to do with SPEAK) had been waiting so as not to damage legal proceedings for those of SPEAK fighting this infringement of human rights and freedom of speech. However the very night this decision was announced we decided to spoil any celebrations those vial monsters at oxford might be planning and to take away any grain of comfort they may have had from this useless bit of legislation we struck.

We made our first blow at the heart of animal abuse at Oxford University by visiting the home of Professor John Campbell and Doctor Alison Harvey at 1 Race Farm Cottages, Race Farm Lane, Kingston Bagbuize, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, both work at The Department of Experimental Psychology where animals are tortured to death every day. This department would be connected to the new laboratory by a walkway if these sickos got their way.

So in the dead of night we struck the very big and expensive looking car on their driveway had all its tyres slashed to bits and was daubed in bright red paint and SCUM written all over it. Their nice white garage door had ALF in five foot high letters painted on it!

The message is clear and simple to anyone connected to Oxford University abandon your plans for this new torture centre or face the consequences ALF"