Reported by local activists in Italy:

"new actions:

-November 6, val di Ledro: 30 birds have been freed from a new group calling itself ALT /Animal Liberation Trentino (Trentino is an Italian region). The birds were kept by hunters to call other birds and shoot them.

-November 5, San Daniele: a sportive fishing pond has been damaged in remembrance of Barry Horne.

-November 2, Milano: 2 fur shops had locks glued remembering Barry Horne.

-October 30, Firenze: a communique says activists went to damage for the third time a fur shop and finally found it closed!

-This one has been received anonimously by the eco group IL Silvestre and has been published on a small booklet that came out at the end of october:

October 13, Parma: Two lorries of a meat company called "Pronto carni" have been attacked with fire, one of them was burnt. The media didn't mention this action. The communique stated the action was made in solidarity with Sergio, Alessio and William, and also with all the other activists of Il Silvestre at house arrests or on the run!"