anonymous report:

"In the early hours of 05-11-'10 we decided to visit some scum living in cessy France, 483 Rue de Rocaille tel. 04 50 41 49 13, named Teddy Dewitte. give her a call if you want. Teddy works for the shitty company Nomura. She's the Head of Fixed Income Sales France. Because Fucking people like her, HLS is still open and able to kill 500 animals a day and torture even more. someone has to pay for all these murders and agony, tonight it was Teddy. she payed by seeing her nice little car burn down to the ground never to see an asphalt road again. Nomura has to think why this shit is happening to their employees. Well Nomura, a 70 million dollar loan by fortress to HLS might have something to do with it. We'll always be there to give the animals a voice, in any way necessary!

Animal Liberation Front"