Reported by the ALF SG Sweden:

"Actions against furshops have been the focus by Swedish ALF as it remembers Barry Horne this week. 5 actions in just 5 days against 6 leather and fur shops in south Sweden.

After reading in the news papers that the owner of Pälskonfektion in now sleaping in his store to prevent sabotage, the ALF changed it's tactics and instead of being loud, they poured paint all over the entrences and painted slogans on the walls. The media reports that the owner woke up in the morning and after seeing what had been done to his shop while he was sleeping, he went home to find graffiti all over his neighborhood too. "Warning! Animal abuser in your area!" and other slogans had been left by the ALF.

Actions have been reported from Malmö, Ystad and Visby:

"Ystad, Sweden.
Since we started up a bit late, we thought it would be welcome with a last minute tribute to Barry. We went out to Ystads only furshop Hansson Palsvaror and got to work. Superglue was put in the locks, and all four windows+door was smashed with hammers.

Lately the shop has been hit several times, with rocks, paint and from what we've read at ar-webpages even glass etching cream.

Great job everyone!
Soon he'll close down.

Lots of love,

-Djurens befrielsefront"