reported anonymously to Örebro's ALF/DBF Press Office:

"The night to the 7th of November we vandalized 3 excavators in Ladugårdsängen Örebro. We crushed the windows of all of them and set one on fire with two explosive devices.

We did it for mainly three reasons:

1. For ALL the animals that get killed directly by these hellmachines-- worms, snakes, ants and snails, and all the other living beings.

2. They are building a big road through the Wild animals habitat. They not only clearcut the forest and bush, they also crush the so often forgotten life under the ground.

3. For all the animals that could get killed on this road if we didnt do anything-- and for the total suffering following global warming that roads contribute to.

This is for everyone that simply wants to live and not get crushed by a killing machine of mass destruction.

For all beings