Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

On the eve of Barry Horne's anniversary of his death from a hunger strike he did back in 2001 we decided even though we knew nothing about liberating animals we would not allow this day to go by without doing something for animal liberation.

Three very novice people went out to find some animals to liberate. It wasn't hard to do - we soon found some chicken sheds and that was it. We bungled a few times, made loads of noise but we still managed to liberate nine chickens from their deaths in darkness which is how they live. We had 8 chickens and were about to leave. All the chickens were running away from us but as I was closing the door to their hell hole one little chicken came running towards me. I knew she did not want to be left there. I picked her up and she was calm and silent in my arms. I knew I couldn't leave her so she went in the box and off we went.

We left them a message that the ALF had been there and that this was for Barry Horne.

So nine beautiful chickens were liberated by the newly formed ALF Militants Group. We will be back for more whoever you are. "