Reported by Animal Liberation Frontline Infoservice - Netherlands:

"Norwegian mainstream media-sources reports:

A group calling themselves "Pelsdyras Hevnere" (The fur animals' avengers) sent a mail stating they had placed a bomb in Eiken Hotel, in Vest-Agder, where a meeting by norweigan fur farmers where about to start. The fur meeting was set up to try recruit new fur farmers. The bomb threat lead to evacuation of the hotel, and the fur farmers meeting was disrupted.

In an e-mail to a local newspaper "Pelsdyras Hevnere" (The fur animals' avengers) says: "The fur industry are trying to recruit new fur farmers. That's directly unacceptable. We have no choice but action. Actions are what we have to use to stop the fur industry.

We do not want to harm innocent people in any way, so we warn you in good time to be absolutely sure to evacuate the premises - in good time before 10.00".

At 10.00 the fur farmers meeting were supposed to start. The "Pelsdyras Hevnere" (The fur animals' avengers) claimed their "bomb" would go off at the same time."