Reported by activists in the Netherlands:

"Animal liberators striked at the rabbit slaughterhouse ENKI in Someren. (Kerkendijk 74, 5712 EW Someren 0493-492174 "In the night of 16 on 17 May two vans and a truck of ENKI at Someren were burned.

ENKI is a rabbit slaughterhouse that on an average 15000 rabbits a week slaughtered," stated the anonymous press release. ENKi is the only rabbit slaughterhouse in the Netherlands. ENKI started in 1959 by Gerard van Deursen and is taken over in 1998 by his son Guul. ENKI is short for First Dutch Rabbit Integration. Animal liberators are hitting slaughterhouses regularly. Last summer a chicken slaughterhouse in Breukelen burned down.

Animal liberators do believe that animals have a right to live and are not food on a barbecue."