Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"Letters sent to Hall Associates 24/05/04

50 neighbours of Jackie Dolman’s mother (partner of Nick Sanders the Newchurch worker and vivisection advocate) were sent professionally hoaxed letters from local social services describing in detail how this poor woman has become increasingly senile and is a threat to the local community; the letters reminded the neighbours that she has been vandalising local property and attacking lone women with prams: the letter concluded that all local authorities must be called if she is seen outside her property: the number left was of course the Halls!

50 neighbours of:
Jackie Dolman
42 Mill Lane
were also sent professionally hoaxed letters from social services telling them to steer clear of this woman for she was a carrier of various contagious and virulent sexually transmitted diseases and needs to be avoided at all costs. All actions of any nature that apply psychological pressure to the workers at Newchurch will continue till they leave this horrific animal murdering shit hole!"