Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"On the evening of Fri 21st May members of the ALF paid a visit to RMC in Weeford, Sutton Coldfield. RMC are collaborators in the project to build the new animal torture lab in Oxford.

11 large building supply lorries were put beyond use a total of 88 tyres slashed, brake and hydraulic lines cut, sand and gravel puored into fuel tanks. Next a concentrated attack on the loading conveyer belt left it destroyed. All power lines cut and the large belt and pulleys all wrecked. Then it was over to the cement hopper once again activists wasted no time in smashing the control panel and all power cables.

To end the nights work the activists forced their way into the site office and set to work on the computers. In a finale to a successful operation every piece of equipment was totally smashed rendering the site unworkable.

The ALF wants to make it clear to RMC, if you persist in the construction of this animal torture centre then we will wage an unending war against you."