Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

On Tuesday 4th May Animal Liberation Front volunteers were once again active in Cheshire. The targets were all important personnel of Emerson developments, a company that receives blood-money from Yamanouchi in exchange for office space. The following people had their cars attacked with paint-stripper and a small carpenter's awl was used to puncture their tyres. In total 3 cars were damaged with a cost running into tens of thousands of pounds.

Anthony Emerson Jones
19 Maplewood Rd
(2 cars)

Alan Jeffrey White
42 Woodside Lane
SK12 1BB
(1 car, second time his vehicle has been damaged, as a result he has installed a security camera.)

Other units were active that night also attacking vehicles belonging to Emerson personnel.

We will continue to cost Emerson money while they profit from misery, tyranny and violence at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

We are not going anywhere, we can keep coming back again and again and again until you get the message:

Hands off the animals!

Animal Liberation Front"