Received anonymously by activists in Sweden:

"During the night to May 19th, members of the Swedish ALF broke into a building belonging to Goete Olofsson, Selkna gard, Uppsala, in Sweden. Inside the building thousands of rats and mice were found in horrible conditions.

This breeder has a permit to breed 100 guinea pigs for the vivisection industry every year and was raided by another animal rights group in 1998, when all animals on the farm, 92 guinea pigs, were liberated. After that raid the breeder said he would quit, but has now instead built new buildings and started to breed rats and mice.

The ALF rescued as many animals as possible that could be rehomed. Several hundreds of rats, some mice and also 20 chickens that were bred in the facilities were liberated.

After the animals had been liberated, as much damage as possible were done: slogans sprayed all over the building and on vehicles outside, cages were destroyed, paint was poured over the floors and walls and other damage was done as well as documents taken.

This is the second time this place is raided. Next time the ALF will not be satisfied to just liberate the animals and cause some damage, so our advice is to stop now or else...

The breeder Goete Olofsson are waking up to hell this beautiful wednesday morning. At the same time, hundreds of animals are waking up to their new lifes. For them animal liberation came overnight and they will never again be made to suffer under the hands of human beings.

Djurens Befrielsefront (DBF)
Swedish ALF"