Reported by Italian activists:

Italian offensive against animal abusers, both against fur trade and vivisection, updated with more actions:

On the night of april the 20th a vivisector's cottage in Parma was decorated with five bottles filled with red paint thrown aginst balcony, windows, walls and stairs. "Hands off the animals - Close down Morini!"

Fano - Two fur shops sloganised on april the 29th, see an article and pictures here.

Taranto - two fur shops belonging to the same company "Marturano" were attacked on the night of april 29th. Slogans written in red were painted on the windows of the first shop and the entrance of the second was set on fire as well as red graffiti. In this case burning slashes were visible on the signboard, entrance and walls. "Vain Killer", "Burn the killers", " long as there is fur, there will be killers that produce it, and as long as they exist there will always be someone ready to attack them."

Milan - during the May Day march, protesters passed by a fur shop in the center attacking it with graffiti, paint bombs and smashing one window."

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