Reported by the Djurens Befrielsefronts Stodgrupp (DBF SG - Swedish Animal Liberation Fronts Supporters Group):

"March, Orebro: Meatshop got 8 windows and a door smashed and walls sloganized.

April, Goteborg: Kajs Pals and Christins Pals (both fur shops) got attacked with paintbombs.

End of April, Kristianstad: 1 rabbit liberated from horrible conditions at CityZoo. - DBF

May, Stockholm: Hundreds of circusposters destroyed.

May, Goteborg: Andreassons Pals (fur shop) got their windows etshed. The DBF has sent the same message to the shop's insurance agent too who also found their windows etshed.

7 May, Uppsala: Shell gasstation got sloganized for their ties to HLS.

7 May, Uppsala: Truck owned by a fish company got slogans painted on it. - DBF"