received anonymously by activists in Sweden:

"During the night to May 10, members of the Swedish ALF emptied a rabbit fur farm in Skara, Sweden. A total of 133 Castor Rex rabbits were liberated and will never be turned into fur coats.

After being looked over by a vet they will be able to live the way every rabbit should with the possibility to dig and jump and have a long and happy life ahead of themselves.

The rabbits were bred in a former mink farm and the farmer breeds approx. 1000 rabbits a year for the fur industry.

It does not matter what they farm for fur... We finished off the fox farms in Sweden, we've almost finnished of the chinchilla farms in Sweden and a ban of mink farms will come and the few farmers that are trying to start to farm rabbits will be finished as well. We will not stand silent and watch when they kill innocent animals. We will resist!

Djurens Befrielsefront (DBF)
Swedish ALF"