received anonymously:

"During the night of may 4th we sneaked upon another tree harvester and torched it, using the heavy rain as cover. 15 minutes later it exploded (we suspect fire in hydraulics to be the cause). Police and city officials confirmed the succesful torching and evac of the destroyed vehicle (link to the eco-campaign site with citations:

This spring saw works to clearcut a huge Khimki forest continue unabated. In spite of numerous and massive people protests, all the legal and liberal stuff (polls, petitions, law suits, concerts, demos, vigils, etc.), authorities, law enforcement, and their fascists and mafia lackeys (forever together in Russia) push for the completion of clear-cuts so that they may get on to the actual road-building. And in one part of the forest they’ve already redirected a flow of a river (a single and major body of water and site of significant avian population in the area) to facilitate construction of a road junction link: (in russian, but has photos

We ask of all whom it may concern to consider actions agains Vinci, France (the international consortium financing this deforestation project), as it seems the only viable target outside Russia. Appreciation for your solidarity out there, people, and our solidarity with your local fights of our global resistance!

- ELF-Russia, International Network of Action and Solidarity/ Informal Anarchist Federation"