Reported by activists in Italy:

"April 13 - Milano
An Upim store had their entrances glued and a spraypainted slogan left saying "Stop Fur". Upim is a department store part of La Rinascente group, which a new campaign is fighting to have furs banned from their stores. (to know more about this campaign contact

April 30 - Milano
An Upim store has been closed to the public after some small incendiary devices went off during the afternoon activating the fire alarm. It seems 7 different devices went off in 3 of the four floors of the store, which led to damages and to the closure of the store for the whole afternoon. Police has found no inflammable liquid, and says probably small devices have been hidden in bags and pockets inside the store. No one has claimed the action.



End of April
Editoriale Olimpia, publishers of pet magazines selling ads to Morini farm, got one more of their offices sloganized. They now vowed not to give advertisement to Morini farm anymore.

May 3 - S. Ilario D'Enza (Reggio Emilia)
Four trucks at a pig farm torched. One of them has been completely burnt, while the others had severe damages. The action has been claimed by the Animal Rights Militia with leaflets left on site.

May 3 - Rimini
The owner of a fur shop has found slogans in front of his house, saying "Furrier you are a killer".

May 4 - Bologna
Two Upim stores got glued locks and the action has been claimed against the use of fur by La Rinascente.

May 4 - Milano
Five fur shops received paintbombs and entrances glued."