Reported by activists in Germany:

"01.05.04 - Open rescue of 20 hens from a battery farm and 6 gease from a factory farm by "Projekt Befreite Tiere" (project liberated animals)

27.04.04 - After years of protests the breeding farm "Kirchheimer Mühle" published today a press release saying that they will have to close down this year. They were breeding dogs, cats and other animals for the University of Heidelberg and the "german Cancer Research Center". The remaining 180 dogs will probably be sold to laboratories. Different animal rights groups are trying to get them out.

18.04.04 - 11 rabbits got liberated from a breeder in east germany. walls got painted with red colour.

12.04.04 - Windows of Peek&Cloppenburg-store got attacked with acid in Berlin. For more than 2 years there is a campaign in germany and austria against Peek & Ckloppenburg because they are still selling fur. This action was claimed by the ALF

09.04.04 - rabbit liberated in east germany

08.04.04 - in Plauen the following actions took place at 5 different butcherers: 2 lorries got tyres slashed, 1 lorry was spraypainted and got the lock glued, on shop got the windows spraypainted and the locks glued, another shop got 2 windows smashed and different slogans spraypainted, 2 other shops got 2 windows smashed.

04.04.04 - hunting plattform destroyed in east germany

04.04.04 - cologne - manager of Peek & Cloppenburg, Stephan Maas, gets his walls painted in red colour by the ALF

02.04.04 - 2 rabbits liberated in east germany

16.03.04 - cologne - manager of Peek&Cloppenburg, Stephan Maas, gets his walls spraypainted, acid was put in the entrance and in the letter box. this was claimed by the ALF"