Received anonymously by activists in the USA:

"Lake Oswego/ Portland Sumitomo Redecorated Monday,
March 29,2004.

Concealed by night's thick shroud, we snuk into the land of black patent brief cases and gas guzzling SUVs to leave Sumitomo a messy reminder of their role in HLS's bloody death machine. Paint, appropriately blood red, was splattered in thick clumps all over the grand entranceway of Sumitomo and Pressa-Agri's (a subsidiary of Sumitomo) bland corporate hull of an office building. The phrase "Sumitomo Dump HLS" was spray painted nearby to insure there were no questions about the motive behind the colorful redecoration.

Paint today. Tomorrow- who knows? Hell's coming to rip off the doors of your privileged heaven. Sleep lightly Sumitomo.

For the earth and the animals. "